Intro to marijuana concentrates

Concentrates are a somewhat new type of marijuana extract that has risen in popularity over the last years. Concentrates or extracts utilize a particular procedure method to extract THC and different cannabinoids that produce a very concentrated, and potent product.


The term “shatter” comes from the fact that the remaining resin is regularly cooled into a glass sheet, like bubbled caramel solidifying into candy. When the glass sheet drops, it shatters.

Of the considerable number of concentrates, shatter is the most strong — it experiences an extra filtration procedure to eliminate different organic fats and waxes — this is the means it uses to combine its active ingredients in very high amounts. While this further progression certifies its purity, it likewise removes the damp hydrocarbons called terpenes, which compose of marijuana’s flavor and aroma.


Wax has some similarities to shatter when it concerns potency and chemical ingredients; however, the physical properties are quite distinct because of an intermixing of the constituent parts during planning. This leads to an unclear item, and that loses its hard candy nature, turning into a thick, sticky, semi-fluid that is exceptionally hard to isolate from itself. There is no substantial disadvantage from the outlook of attainable high; however, it tends to be hard to deal with, requiring the utilization of an instrument and an appropriate storage container.

Dabs refer to concentrates specifically made for vaporization. The variability in dabs is dictated by how they are produced. Both butane and supercritical CO2 extraction can result in products with strong potency. The popularity of supercritical CO2 rises daily since it has not been proven to be harmful to the environment, the concentrates are very unadulterated, and individuals don’t harm themselves during the process of making them.

Shatter, and wax is BHO concentrates with similar measures of THC. Shatter, and wax is both utilized in dabbing. Furthermore, they offer a sturdy and durable high. The main genuine distinction is in their appearance. This appearance is merely a result of how the concentrate is delivered.

So, there are some differences between wax shatter and dabs that need consideration:

Appearance – The wax extract is murky, and the shading ranges from beige to dark colored. Shatter then again is translucent or straightforward and has a golden tint.

Texture – Shatter is fragile and has the texture of glass. Wax tends to be brittle, soft and has the texture of butter.

Handling – It is less demanding to deal with wax than shatter because of the texture. Shatter effortlessly disintegrates while the wax is strong.

Smell – Wax has more smell and is favored by smoking aficionados due to less filtration in the production process. It likewise contains more terpenes. Shatter has less smell as it goes through an exhaustive filtration process.

Sturdiness – Wax is less steady and isn’t durable like shatter. Shatter is more durable and more sustained.

Process – Wax is produced under low temperatures, and the procedure includes little or no filtration. Shatter is made utilizing high temperatures, and filtration is essential in making the final product.

Concentration – Wax contains more trichomes than shatter due to the filtration procedure.

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