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Our company operates at the intersection of art and science, with decades of combined cultivation knowledge guiding us to achieve the finest balance between potency, terpene profiles, and yield. Qualcan’s offered strains are as diverse as our staff. At any time throughout the day, our five flower rooms are booming with five different genres of music. While cultivation specialists are meticulously inspecting every plant of Star Dawg or Black Cherry Punch, others are also also carefully structuring nutrient feeds for Wedding Fantasy and Jack’s Cleaner, or clipping clones of Cookies and Cream (a staff favorite) and tending to many other strains. Our cultivation team prefers to grow our plants in a soilless medium called rockwool. This innovative cultivation technique enables the team to formulate very precise nutrient feeds so that every single plant receives exactly what is needed to thrive. And we harvest every two weeks, all year long, like clockwork. Efficiency is key and, of course, quality is critical. Here at Qualcan, we strive to offer the finest cannabis that we, ourselves, would consume; as well as our customers and medical patients alike.

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We are an all-natural cannabis cultivation company with a passion for pure, consistently high-quality, clean cannabis. Since 2014 QualCan has grown into one of the leading cannabis distributors in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Phone:  (702) 960- 7778
Address:  Las Vegas Nevada

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