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At Qualcan

we offer an enticing assortment of deliciously crafted edibles. From our classically baked, rich and fluffy brownie bites to our ever-popular rice cripsies that also come in crispy chocolate and fruity variety, to our elegant and carefully-sized cookies available in opulent red velvet and smooth peanut butter flavors. All of our treats are attentively dosed and homogenized with the purest THC distillate to deliver a flavorful and effective experience to our customers. Each comes handsomely and individually packaged with bakery freshness sealed within. Our gummies are created in six distinctive flavors including juicy watermelon, sweet strawberry, and a perfectly sour lemon. Each of these bite-sized sweets come micro-dosed at a precise five milligrams, ideal for patients who enjoy a more subtle effect. These splendid treats are hand-poured into custom molds to present the consumer with a consistent experience that will have them craving more! The exciting latest arrivals to our Cosmic Cannabis product line, yet to be revealed publicly, include our healthy protein bars which are available in peanut butter and mint-chocolate. These healthy snacks are made with all-natural ingredients and pea protein providing a gluten-free energetic boost. And finally, the first of our Lush edible product line, are the Honeysticks! With this potent and simple product we aim to provide consumers with the means to create their own THC infused edibles at home!


We are an all-natural cannabis cultivation company with a passion for pure, consistently high-quality, clean cannabis. Since 2014 QualCan has grown into one of the leading cannabis distributors in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Phone:  (702) 960- 7778
Email:  info@qualcan.com
Address:  Las Vegas Nevada

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